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Update plan’s summer 2019

An update of plan’s for the summer of 2019.

After the paint job September last my budget turned almost to red. Diesel tank modification was an urgent need this winter, in order to clean my tanks, that has never be done is 47 years. Preparation and cleaning was estimated for another 3500,- euro’s.
As no orders on Aerotaxi came in, I had to raise funds, the decision was made to get a job thru an employment agency. So from januari untill and including june I committed myself to work full time, that is 10 hours a day. Pretty heave for my age, but at the end it solves my financial struggle.


The diesel tanks in my boot have a capacity of 550 liters each. The tanks are an integral part of the hull, one welded to the port side and one welded to the starboard side of the hull. Tanks are interconnected to each other by a steel pipe with shutt-off valve for each tank. (this for balancing during sailing)
I made drawings from both Diesel tanks. As preparation I had inspection hole covers and rings made out of 5 mm steel. Also the required gaskets where outsourced. Each tank is divided in 3 compartments, so 2 baffles. On the port tank three inspection holes have to be drilled on top of the tank. On the starboard tanks three holes where drilled on the side of the tank, because of limited space on the top. After the tank is empty, a professional welder will weld the rings to the wholes.

As my heater runs on diesel I wait for the actual job to empty the tank when the cold is out of the air, round the month of march.

When the welding is done a cleaning company wil start flushing and cleaning the tanks, it took him a day to fully clean all the tank compartments. Almost a full bucket of slush and drek was removed. Now that all is clean again I close the inspection covers and filled the tanks partly. Blowing the fuel lines and after that replace the fuel filters from Engine, Heater and Generator. Bleeding and starting the engine, the last part of the job.

So as it seems now, I will set sail and of june when my work thru the agency is finished. At least a stop in Helgoland for duty free diesel and then Langeland (DK) to some cod fishing.

I wish everyone a long and beautiful summer, I can be followed thru AIS ( or

Peter Mantel

Gepensioneerd uit de luchtvaart. Avonturen met de Asmara. Ik zeil met mijn tweemast kotter van de Noordzee tot de Oostzee

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