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I have started to add another language to the website. During my travels I often meet Germans or other Nationalities, who are where interested in reading my blogs. When I then tell them that the website is written in Dutch I hear disappointment. Because I do not control the German language in written I wil add the English language. This I hope gives a greater number of readers. This implies that not only the menu structure, but also the blogs and news flashes should be re-written in English, a major job. For the time being I limited myself to translate the menu structure, main pages, slide presentations, the Youtube channel, and the last news and blog items. When time permit later on I will start translating the most interesting blogs.

From now onwards every blog, page or news item will be multilingual. Please add your comments on every blog or news flash with language issues.

Peter Mantel

Gepensioneerd uit de luchtvaart. Avonturen met de Asmara. Ik zeil met mijn tweemast kotter van de Noordzee tot de Oostzee

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