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Journey through Sweden (update)

The spontaneous idea for this trip, which originated in February 2022 across Sweden, was too short and not feasible. Despite my croudfunding campaign. Reality has shown me that this is not feasible in terms of costs on such a short term, partly due to the war in Ukraine and the exorbitant increase in diesel prices. Also the costs for updates and purchase of navigation charts, lock fees, extra nights, etc. made me decide to postpone this beautiful journey to the summer of 2023. It should not be a stressful trip but a relaxing one.

Take into account that in terms of safety for passage through the 64 locks, with 91 metres up and 91 more down, it is not compulsory to do this with at least two crew members, but it is strongly advised. No help is to be expected for the taking of lines by the lock stewards. All this being said the following:
The donations already made will stay in deposit until next year.

I am going to try to recruit a crew member for the canal passage for the period from mid-June 2023 to early August 2023, so who is interested?
The donation action will continue until 1-4-2023.
I now have 1 year to get the required funds and crew member.


As you have come to expect from me, I will keep you informed about this summer trip (2022) to possibly only Germany and Denmark.
Read more about the Gota trip 2023 on the previous article.

Peter Mantel

Gepensioneerd uit de luchtvaart. Avonturen met de Asmara. Ik zeil met mijn tweemast kotter van de Noordzee tot de Oostzee

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