Summer trip 2023 through Sweden

In 2015 I made a beautiful trip to St.Petersburg. These and many other trips I have reflected in my first book, “My Freedom” for sale on Aerotaxi’s webshop. In 2021 it was Gdansk. This summer I am not making any splits due to the Ukraine war and the exorbitantly increased diesel prices.

The journey through the Gota and Trollhatte Canal

Next summer, my trip will focus on the Gota Canal in Sweden. I want to make this trip to write a book about it. A sailing guide for sailors and motor boaters. I first started to see if I could make this trip this year, but it is too short a time for that. And despite all my efforts and more than 50 job applications in the past 6 months, I did not manage to find work for this project and therefore no budget. I now focus on 2023 to see if I can still sail this beautiful route across Sweden, through the Gota Canal and Trollhatte Canal.

Gota channel
Overview total trip
Trollhatte channel

Additional crew member

Also looking for a buddy (M/F) who wants to sail with me for the whole trip (6months) or just the canal and help sail safely through the 64 locks. Sailing experience not necessary, this trip (canal) is on sheltered water there will be 90% motor sailing. Also for non-Dutch person English or German speaking no problem. This would be a period from mid-June 2023 to early August 2023 (in consultation). The cost budget below is only for the canal passage. For the whole trip from 1 April to 1 October shared costs apply.

Overview of costs of embarkation canal

Flying to Linkoping (KLM) and flying back from Gothenburg. Tickets for own account (about €300,-) For time on board share costs. (lock fees, extra overnight in port, diesel use). The ticket for the whole canal passage from MEM-Gotenborg in high season (2022) costs about €1020. By booking early before 31 March 2023, I expect to get another 25% discount so total around €800.
Estimated diesel costs for the entire canal passage (100 hours, engine) based on €1.61/ltr = 400 ltr.x €1.61 = 644,- . 
On the Gota Canal, overnight stays are included (not all ports). So in all ports along the Gota Canal (there are 21) you can stay 5 nights in each port. Other harbour fees include on the lakes and are extra (little, a lot of anchoring) Housekeeping fees are shared together.
Here’s another summary of estimated costs

  1. Flight tickets from Amsterdam – Linkoping / Gotenborg – Amsterdam (one way) € 300,-
  2. Diesel contribution for canal passage € 300,-
  3. 50% cost channel (booking before 31 March gives 25% discount) approximately € 425,-①
  4. Household cash groceries, food, etc. for 1 1/2 months approximately € 400,-
  5. ① this applied to 2022

Total estimated cost for embarkation (canal) rounded up €1500
Where can you find a mini cruise holiday for 1 1/2 months including accommodation for that amount.
Please read the following lines carefully :
Point 1. agree flight date and destinations with me and book yourself (one way).
Points 2 and 3 to be paid before my departure on march 27th
Point 4 to be settled upon arrival on the boat in June
If you cancel between 28th march and 1 may, costs incurred by me ( channel booking, diesel, navigation maps, and other preparations), no refund but depending on whether you or I find a replacement. Refund only after his or her payment.
If cancelling after may 1st, no refund to to points 2 and 3.
Sweden uses the Swedish krona as currency, so if you want to pay in cash en route, you will need krona. At very many locations in Sweden you can also withdraw cash from the wall for contact money, but easier and cheaper is of course to just use a card for all other private payments. Make sure your card setting allow payments abroad(Europe).

De hoogte verschillen

Croudfunding / Donation

As this trip costs more than usual due to the doubling of diesel prices, my croudfunding remains unabated. And maybe with your support through a donation campaign, I can still raise enough budget to plan this. From this trip I am making a detailed report of the entire route with more than 60 locks from MEM under Stockholm to Gothenburg on the North Sea side, with a total rise and drop of 91 meters. I plan to publish this report in book form after my return. I will also be giving regular video updates on my youtube channel “Sailing the Baltic the Asmara”. 

To donate and read what you get from me when you donate, you can follow this link and read the story again, as well as the YouTube video. If you don’t want to, you can also donate directly in the blue widget on the top right of this page, by clicking on the Heart with the text “donate”. You will always get something in return, but don’t forget to enter your email. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Sponsorships for companies

Companies that do sponsorship get in return advertising on my website with a link to your company. It is also possible to provide flags of your company, which will then display your company throughout the trip (6 months) in the Rigging of the Asmara. On request they can receive a receipt by sending an email with the name/address and donation details. We can then make a receipt. Due to the media attention (a newspaper article has already been published), this trip will receive a lot of attention. I hope for your donation.

What do you get in return for your donation (please provide your email address for this)

Note: The books listed below are as yet in the Dutch language

from € 5,- Placement on the mailing list, this will automatically keep you informed of all new blog’s, news and whereabouts about the trips with the Asmara
I raffle 3 books “My Freedom” (see with a donation of > € 10,- for reaching my goal for the trip through Sweden which starts on April 1. Do give your email address.
from € 50,- 50% discount on the book “Gota canal” of this travelogue when published (2023) or € 25,- discount on portrait painting.
From € 75, – Gift certificate for free E-book “My Freedom” (see webshop) or € 35, – discount on portrait painting.
From € 100,- A free book of this travel log with issue or € 75,- discount on portrait painting.
From € 150,- An oil portrait painting of 30x40cm made by me from a photo provided by you.

Will you help me to be able to do this beautiful journey in the spirit of the Asmara?

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Peter Mantel

Retired from aviation. Adventures with the Asmara. I sail with my two-masted cutter from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea.

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