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Mice and Simba

Simba of course comes in with mice regularly that is obvious. Luckily for me, she always drops them on the floor in the bedroom and there is no escape there. I usually notice it when she comes running in very quickly and immediately continues to the back, which is a trigger for me to come and have a look. But now there really are three of us. ?Without even noticing anything I walk to the back and see something lying on the floor with some blades of grass, so I think so have you puked again. I walk to the kitchen and get a few sheets of kitchen paper to clean that up. The moment I bend down I see that it is a half-eaten mouse. At the same time, a little mouse, maybe its sibling, shoots between my legs but Simba still lurks behind me and manages to grab the critter and before I know it, she drops it again but this time in the lounge. I didn’t see the last one but I don’t think a little mouse jumps up two flights of stairs. And that critter was still undamaged and fast. In the lounge there are plenty of opportunities to hide sight, The stove was on low the air outlet opening was not hot, so that is an option, but after half an hour of searching I gave up. So for as long as it lasts, there are three of us now. I hope it doesn’t affect my harbour fees.

The next morning, Simba found the mouse and left the leftovers for me, so there are two of us again

Peter Mantel

Retired from aviation. Adventures with the Asmara. I sail with my two-masted cutter from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea.

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